iSDaily Tuesday – March 27th, 2018 – Episode 049

I Can See My Flat Earth From My Rocket Ship

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Show Notes

On this episode of iSDaily Tuesday with Bodhi Agora and Paul Gordon,
On Lulzilla, The Flat Earth Rocketeer
On iScience, Mars Had Water
On iPonder, Ending Human Bias in AI

Lulzilla Top Story

Flat Earth Rocket Man Launches And Survives

iScience Top Story

Proof of Water on Mars?

iPonder Top Story

Removing Human Bias from AI

More Headlines from iSDaily Tuesday

Spiders Used Leg Genes To Build Heads, Study Shows
Robots Swim With the Fishes….Literally
Kosovo Parliament Shut Down by Tear Gas Set Off By Opposition Party
Robots Suck at Picking Strawberries
Robot Turtle Teaches Kids Robot Kindness
Female Sea Urchins Produce More Robost Offspring in Times of Duress
New Understanding of Sodium Application in Solar Cells Offers Promise of Greater Efficiency
Scientists Pierce the Mystery of Electrons Inside Graphene
Supercooled Water May Have Two Distinct Liquid Phases
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