Singing in the Rain with Power – Quotida Futura – Ep 0x

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Solar Cells Powered by the Rain As Well is Now a Thing, Theoretically

Removing the wire makes the hybrid generator efficient and allows for a waterproof barrier so that bad weather doesn’t permeate the silicon used in the solar panel. […]

That Next Pop Song You Hear Might Be Written by A.I.

Today, researchers at tech companies like Sony and Google are asking: What if AI could write pop songs? How would we train them, and would the final product be as good as what’s on the radio? […]

Spiders Legs Are Faces Too

Your Weekly Weird- Spider Legs and Marine Boy. Trust me, there’s a scientific connection. […]

Bacteria Could Be Source of Green Energy

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Scientists believe they can use a certain type of bacteria to harvest energy for human use.  […]

Georgia Couple Makes Dream Come True By Building Their Own Off-Grid Community

They didn’t lobby the government to force others around them to change to fit their preferences, they went out and built the kind of community they wanted to see. […]

Somalia’s Power Problem is Being Solved with Solar Microgrids for Local Communities

SolarGen Technologies has entered Somalia to set up microgrids for local communities. […]

If the AI Created the Art, The AI Should Get the Award

If your AI artist creates a work of art that wins a prize, should you get the award or should your AI artist? Here’s a case for the AI getting the award and not you. […]

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